Some comments about "naked"

I have been listening to "naked" throughout the day and it is really a beautiful piece of work. You should be very proud of every aspect of it. It is everything I personally yearn for as a listener and it will serve as a reminder to me always of why we even bother to do what we do. When you can touch a persons heart, as this record does mine, there need be no further justification or qualification. I am proud and happy to be a part of it! Thank you. I'll do whatever I can to help spread the word. All of this is just a pre cursor to the question, "are you naked now"?
Chaz Frichtel (Bass player:Michael McDonald band, songwriter)

Once again Mark, you have come up with winning songs and cool presentations. I love all of these songs but my faves are (in order they appear on CD) "Roadhouse Coffee", "Leather Jacket", "Green-Blue", "Better Off Without You", "Through My Window" and "Precious Metal". If I were in charge it would be a better world and Mark Stacy songs would blast from every loudspeaker!
Roberta Gundersen
(Songwriter, Screenwriter, Quiltmaker)

Dear Mark: Once again you've made a beautiful record. Good songs, sensitive performances, and really well recorded. You did a great job as always.
You have my best wishes for success,
randy alpert (Record Producer, Studio Owner)

Greetings from the camper of love! WDVX 89.9 FM and now on the world wide web at Been listening to "naked." First let me say Hubba Hubba! Nice cover! Are you performing that way now? "naked" sounds great. "The Leather Jacket", "Holdin' Two Hearts" (love the accordion), "Tijuana Cafe" are standouts. Diana's harmonies are better than ever.
Thanks again for the great CD,
Mike Flannagan (Radio DJ, Drummer)

Hi Mark-- I listened to "naked" this morning (I found it in the backseat of the car, where Karen kept it alongside her Allison Krauss and Claire Lynch CDs). "Precious Metal" is my favorite. Also a good melody on "Better Off Without You". The production is great: I love the accordian, and Charles' bass (particularly on "Roadhouse Coffee"), the drums don't overwhlem the tracks, the vocals are right up front where God Intended Them. Congratulations on a fine album. Keep in touch-Steve Key (Singer/Songwriter-Concert Presenter)

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